How have our clients benefited?

Michelle has changed our life! I have a rescue dog with severe separation anxiety. After a few months of constant issues Michelle offered her services and everything has been different since. She came with a lot of information on paper for us to keep as it is a lot to digest at once. Not only did she discuss his behaviour issues she also guided us through diet and training. After being recommended a lot of different trainers and advice i'm glad Michelle got in touch and I would recommend her to anyone of my friends or customers.


Michelle recently helped us out with some techniques to get Chop to stop pulling. What she came prepared with was much more than we were expecting...lots of great tips & techniques for everything you need to know when becoming a dog owner... She asked lots of questions & history & was great with helping us understand what it means to be the parents of an energetic 6 month old Staffy...definitely recommend her to anyone needing help & advice.


Michelle has made my life with my staffy so much easier and more enjoyable! We had a brief chat via texts messages, booked a day at time for her to come visit. Michelle was prompt on time, well equipped for our training session and very friendly and focused on my dog and the issue at hand! It was a very hot day so limited out outside work but her guidance and tips have sure saved my shoulders from being dislocated during walking! Michelle, Thankyou so so much from Miss Zara and myself! Recommend Michelle to anyone that needs some help and guidance with their furry friends!

Totally amazed our wild one is completely calm. So much learnt ( us and the dog) Cannot recommend highly enough. Michelle you are the new Dr dolittle! Thank you seems inadequate but I am lost for words! Total transformation and still going. Xxx


You're awesome Michelle. I contacted you to help an elderly couples with 'Leeroy', their young, cheeky & naughty poodle who was failing at Puppy school!! Also, protect their very shy rescue poodle 'Darling', from his antics as well. The couple & I, loved how you interacted with the Doggies & loved watching 'Darling', walk straight up to you with no fear. Your techniques & simple instructions, on how to think like your Doggie, was fun & extremely effective. Retraining the Humans is so funny, but hard. As you don't realize, how quickly animals can train you without you knowing it! No joke, I have even used them on my Hubby & Cats. It works!! :)



We were delighted to meet with Michelle and watch her work her magic! Her intuitive approach with our jack russell terrier was brilliant and we were thrilled with the results that came with such simple directions. She is wonderful and we highly recommend her services for general advice to dedicated behaviour assistance.

Michelle was excellent with our Woody today. We learned so much in such a short time. Michelle was punctual, well priced, communicates well in the booking process as well as during the session.



Just wanted to thank Michelle so much for taking the time to come out and help me with training for my puppy chance. She gave me such good advice that had helped a lot :) highly recommend her :)


Michelle has helped me with my KelpieX, which is a rescue dog. She takes into consideration the history of the dog, and what you as an owner wants to achieve with your pet from the sessions. The advice she offers is catered to the needs of your pet, and I walked away with a better understanding of why my dog was sometimes acting the way it was, and how I could go about correcting her behavior. I also picked up lots of handy tips on how to offer mental stimulation exercises for my Kelpie, which she is absolutely loving! Thanks Michelle!



Michelle's advice and hands on assistance has made a huge impact on the management of my cocker spaniel's aggression issues. She worked with us through extensive history to help us understand why he was acting as he was, showed us how our behaviour was affecting him and what we could do to make him feel less anxious. She has an upfront and non judgemental approach that I really appreciated. She was flexible around our schedule and provided regular follow up advice to keep us on track. The immediate and longer term improvements we've seen could not have happened without Michelle and we're very appreciative of her support.


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